Every client should carefully read these terms and conditions of CELEBRATE platform and all its applications prepared for operation on all smart devices operating by IOS and Android operating system, during the registration on the website. The registration on CELEBRATE platform is considered as having read and approved all its terms and conditions.


First: About CELEBRATE


This is a program which operates on mobile phones and other smart devices operating by Android and IOS operating system.

This program is prepared for the purpose of electronic shopping for numerous goods and products. The website does not own the companies, restaurants and the shops which offer these goods, as it plays the role of a mediator through the website.


Second: Terms and contracts:


a. When ordering a product or commodity through our website (CELEBRATE), the following shall be complied with:

1. The services are not targeted towards, nor intended for the use, by anyone under the age of 18.

2. Upon the client's order of the product, it shall act as a binding contract.

3. The client's residence and delivery place shall be within the locations covered by the service prepared for this purpose.

4. This contract applies on the goods and products which have been confirmed only.


b. Payment mode and method:

Payment shall be made through our portal. The payment shall be by 100% (full value of the goods) for any purchased product or commodity, which shall take place during the order of the product or commodity.


c. Delivery of products and goods:

1. After payment of the value of the product or goods, they shall become the client's property. The client shall enter his information, address and phone number accurately and carefully before finishing and logging out of the program.

2. If the client is not available at the delivery place, he should mandate a person to take delivery on his behalf.

3. If the client orders meals or consumer goods at the address, and it is found out during delivery that the address is incorrect, in this event no money shall be refunded.

4. If the delivery took place on the scheduled date and there was no one to take delivery of the standard goods and products, another date shall be scheduled within 48 hours according to new delivery fees determined by the company, which shall be paid upon delivery of the goods or products.

5. The required effort and due care shall be exerted to deliver the orders on the scheduled dates agreed upon. However, the delivery time is estimated and the delay shall not result in any legal liability.


d. Loss of the goods and products:

If the goods or products are lost during delivery and before reaching the client for a reason not attributed to the client, the website shall not assume any legal liability as it is a displayer and mediator for offering goods, in which case the owner company, factory or store should be claimed for recovery of the value paid or order the same goods again as applicable by the company and its policy.


Third: Pricing of available products and offers:

The website offers goods and products according to their availability and offers the price of each of them as available and displayed on the website.

Further, we reserve the right to change the prices at any time pursuant to the key product's notifications and the offers it provides.


Fourth: Force major:

We shall not incur any liability if the goods are not delivered or delayed after the time agreed upon or if your order is not executed for any reason beyond our reasonable control, for conditions relevant to the manufacturing company.

In this event, you will be notified with the complete or partial termination of the contract according to the executed part, without charging you with any liability. The payment shall be paid for the executed part and the balance amount shall be refunded to you.


Fifth: Taking delivery of the goods:

The client's taking delivery of the required good or product shall act as a declaration on his part that the goods are intact and conform with the specifications.


Sixth: Cancellation & Refund of the amounts paid:

In view of the prompt nature of work adopted by the owners of products and goods in addition to each order taken into consideration, the execution of which starts immediately without delay, therefore it shall cause damage to the owner of the goods if the cancellation does not take place in the right time for the ordered product, in which event we should be notified through our website of your desire to cancel the order, according to the following policy:


a. Cancellation:

1. In the event of any allowable refund, the reimbursement of the amount will be done using the same method of payment which was used for the initial transaction, unless otherwise agreed.

2. In the event of cancellation, the customer is not entitled to receive the refund on the 5% service fee charged by CELEBRATE.

3. In the event of cancellation, the customer is not entitled to receive the refund on 0.150 Fils payment service fee charged by GO TAP. 

4. In addition, the customer will also be subject to the cancellation and refund policies of the involved vendors which is outlined in both item screen and the orders screen upon cancellation.


b. Refunds of the amounts paid:

1. In the event of permitted cancellation, we shall refund all the amounts paid according to the cancellation rules set forth under 6 (a) of clause 2 & 3.

This shall be according to the same payment method, unless it is agreed otherwise.

2.  Refunded amount will take upto 14 workings days.

Note: The client's right to cancellation shall not apply for the meals or products prepared or designed specifically for him according to his order.


Seventh: Changing the contract conditions and policy

We reserve the right to change any of the stipulated conditions and terms at any time without a prior notice, by updating the details of the terms and conditions set forth in our website (CELEBRATE).


Eighth: Intellectual property rights

We own all the rights of the website and its displayed content. Everyone should respect the internationally recognized intellectual property, otherwise they shall be legally liable. We reserve our right to prosecute them at any time and place.


Ninth: Applicable law

These terms and conditions are subject to the law of the State of Kuwait and the Kuwaiti judiciary shall have exclusive jurisdiction over the disputes relevant to these terms and agreement.